Lawyer from Universidad Diego Portales (1992-1996). Best graduate in 1996. L.L.M., Georgetown University Law Center (2001). Specialized in litigation and the solution of civil, commercial and regulatory controversies, as well as in free competition and international trade, strategic negotiation and corporate consulting. His practice has focused on consulting and representing people and companies in legal aspects, negotiations, litigations and transactional conflict solutions, related with contracts and societies in general, civil accountability, new businesses, financing, joint ventures, partner agreements, spin-offs, property liquidations and restructuring, company reorganizations and bankruptcy procedures, as well as several regulatory, free competition, unfair competition and international commercial right matters. Likewise, he has focused on consulting and representing union organization in strategic and legal areas in relation to regulatory topics and controversies and linked to the operation of the markets, competition and the distortions to commerce.

He was a partner at Bofill Mir Álvarez Jana Abogados and the General Director of International Economic Relations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, providing consultation for the President of Chile, representing the government and leading different negotiation processes for commercial agreements and initiatives for economic integration and cooperation such as the FTA with Hong Kong, the expansion of the agreement with India, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Pacific Alliance. He worked as a consultant for the Chilean government while redacting the new Regulation for the application of anti-distortion measures for commerce, such as safeguarding regulations and antidumping (Ministry of Finance – Decree 1.314 of 2013).

He is a member of the list of experts of the OMC to integrate panels or special groups in commercial controversies.

Dynamic and detail-oriented, he is well known for his capacity to define adequate strategies and objectives for the needs of his clients and for his commitment to reach them. He is also well known for understanding what their clients want and expect.