Our team has a long and successful record as legal and strategic consulting specialists for national and international companies and individuals, in relation to their interests, affairs and complex and sophisticated projects, as well as in matters related to their business, entrepreneurial, property and personal needs.

We offer specialized legal consulting in the corporate area, as well as in the financial, tax, environmental, regulatory and mining areas, conflict resolution and litigation, free competition, unfair competition, international trade and management and representation of strategic interests.

We support the successful and long-term development of our clients’ businesses, interests and objectives, by applying:

Specific solutions and practices for each case.

Strict professional and ethical standards.

Collaborative and mutually beneficial relations with the main stakeholders.

We work closely with the internal teams of the clients, in order to provide an effective, efficient and timely service.

We maintain a policy of alliances with outstanding national and foreign specialists, which allows us to provide an integral and multidisciplinary service, both in Chile and abroad.

We get involved with the needs of our clients which, along with our professional experience, allows us to provide integral and strategic consulting services for each matter or case, adequate to the defined objectives.